Speed it UP

This afternoon, my friends from Verizon came and hooked up and ViOS at our home. We had Verizon DSL before that gave us 2mb/750 .. but with ViOS, we have now 11,200/7100 … that’s a big difference. My son loves it …he games on line and was always getting flag as a slow participant. Now, no worries.

The only thing we discovered is that my old old old desktop computer does not meet the basic requirements. Translation … I need to talk my wife into a new desktop. What happens is we have all this speed screeming up to the computer and becasue the computer is so slow, we don’t realize all the speed.

For example, my sone has a system that is twice as fast as the minimum system and you can really see the speed on is laptop.

So, I need to find about $500.00 and we will see it too.

Have a great day.


January 22nd, 2009

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