To Twit or not

So, the next best social networking tool they tell me is Twitter. From what I hear, there are big time sides being taken over this thing. On one side, there are those that would say … way to much info. Why would I want to know what someone is doing every single second of the day. “Sitting down to coffee …. heading out to work …. meeting my sister for lunch” why do we need to know all this. Well, I can see this side’s point. I wouldn’t want to know either.

The other side, as a good point as well … they call twitter, the mini-blog site or the digital headliners. With it’s 140 character limited the goal is to be short and swift … to bring others to another place .. wither that is information on the fly or enticing me to read on.

Well, don’t tell anyone, but I’m testing this stie out … I couldn’t use my name (someone else beat me to it … common name challenged) so I used a nick name I used in a sports fourm when my kids were in school.

I’m also using one for our church … for folks to get quick reminders of events and prayer request directed to their phones.

We will have to see where this all leads me.

Have a great day.

May 11th, 2009

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