Confessions as a Non-recovering Coffee Addict

More Confessions.

#16: I’m unstoppable after two pots of coffee, so don’t get between me and the restroom.

#17: I get really jealous when I see someone who has a bigger thermos…

#18: I realize that coffee is a diuretic, but(?) in the end…I’m just trying to be a regular guy.

#19: I have a color chart for the inside of my unwashed coffee cups. My dentist has a chart as well, I think I have my own color…”dark roast.”

#20: I must drink coffee, it helps me wake up from the sleeping pills I take at night because of the amount of coffee I drink during the day and the number of sleeping pills I took the night before…ahhhh the circle of life enjoying coffee.

© Jeff Swaim

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December 23rd, 2010

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