Confession of a Non-recovering Coffee Addict

More confessions …

#31: I have broken my new year’s resolution, I have drank less coffee per day than before the new year. I swore off drinking less coffee!!

#32: Calling all enablers! I’m starting a chain-letter ponzi scam, “everyone send me a pound (packaged of unused & unopened) Starbuck Dark Roast coffee. I promise that one of us will feel good about you sending me coffee. Please don’t send money, gift cards to Starbucks are acceptable.” –

#33: I’m going to donate my body to Starbucks research. There is a clause, I must be alive for any experimentation.

#34: I’m going to contemplate the effects of global warming this evening with a pot of global-hot coffee as the temperature drops to nine below zero.

#35: After a “Double-Quad-Shot-Espresso,” I feel like a million Starbucks.

© Jeff Swaim

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February 5th, 2011

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