Confession of a Non-recovering Coffee Addict

More confessions ….

#36: Someone asked me if all sins were due to selfishness. I told them I didn’t know, I wasn’t willing to admit them all yet…I just drink a lot of coffee.

#37: I told my wife, “You know Josephine, they say drinking coffee improves the memory.” Suddenly, she brought me a cup of Dark roast. Hmmm, I just hope she doesn’t start drinking coffee.

#38: I must have got too close when I smelled some coffee the other day, people called me a “brown-nose.”

#39: I heard that gargling with salt water will help a sore throat. So…I tried it with some coffee. Yuck! I’l stick with coffee (YUKON) gargling in the morning and through the evening.

#40: In honor of milestone and a famous author, I’m going to drink coffee for 40 days on purpose and try to make it a meaningful life change.

© Jeff Swaim

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March 5th, 2011

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