Confession of a Non-Recovering Coffee Addict

# 56 My confession as a non-recovering coffee addict #56: When my wife washes my coffee cup, in a round about way she’s telling me to go brush my teeth.

#57: Most people accuse me of drinking coffee so strong that one can stand a spoon up in the coffee. If it stays that way more than four hours, I won’t call my doctor, I’ll call my friends and brag.

#58: Birthday greetings from so many friends is such a warm feeling, it’s sort of like drinking a great pot of coffee and not quite making it to the bathroom…sooner or later reality sets in.

#59: I’ve been juicing this week (fruits & vegetables) and have found there’s just not too much juice in coffee beans…I have to add hot water, then it’s fine.

#60: a grandson’s birthday party and a great cup of coffee…we both got so excited we peed our pants.

© Jeff Swaim

January 23rd, 2012

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