Confession of a Non-Recovering Coffee Addict

#61: “Life is good with coffee in the morning, however my wife objects when I call her on cell when she’s in the kitchen…I ask for “coffee room service in our bedroom.” Don’t’ judge me! I’m only human if she’s willing!

#62: I feel like I’ve left my mark: on society…spilt coffee in fancy places; relieved myself in the woods; try to be as stupid as I can on Facebook (while so many folks don’t even try)

#63: “If you tempt me with a cup of coffee, it’s not a temptation for me…I’ll drink it.”

#64: I get high after drinking a pot of strong coffee…so pass the pot!
#65 “Listening to the political wrangling in Washington is like drinking a cup of coffee that has been left on a burner all day…both have a bitter taste.”

© Jeff Swaim

Have a Great Day

David Brown

January 23rd, 2012

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