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Read a blog post titled … The Leadership and Change by Warren Bennis, Ph.D.

Here is a small section of it ….

Leaders can help the change process by changing their employees’ attitude from avoidance into acceptance. This is often best accomplished by changing avoidance questions and statements into acceptance questions:

From “Why?” to “What new opportunities will this provide?”

When they ask “why,” focus on the benefits that the change will provide them and the organization. Do NOT feel uncomfortable if you are feeling hesitation about the change too…you are also human. By spelling out the benefits, you will not only comfort them, but help to convince yourself too.

From “How will this affect me?” to “What problems will this solve?”

Anything that prevents something from being better is a problem. Let them know what the problem is and how they will be part of the solution.

From “We do not do it this way.” to “What would it look like?”

Show them, provide plenty of explanations and compassion, and get your team to ask and answer questions.

From “When will this change be over so we can get back to work?” to “What can I do to help?”

Get them involved in implementing the change. Help them to become part of it.

From “Who is doing this to us?” to “Who can help us?”

Focus on the challenges that must be overcome. Ensure that you enlist help from other departments and colleagues.

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February 27th, 2012

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