Confession from a Non-Recovering Coffee addict

More confessions …

#71 I’m trying to save time these days. I chewed up some coffee beans and drank some hot water.

#72: Superbowl?! I’ll show you a Superbowl…it’s a big bowl of dark roast coffee!!!

#73. I realize I can come off as a real “coffee-snob” with my nose up in the air…but how else am I going to drink the whole cup?

#74. “I’m trying to eliminate bad things I put in my body, so I don’t put artificial sweetener in my octa-shot espresso anymore.”

#75: There are certain words that just ain’t words at all, “towards” “irregardless” and “decaf.”

© Jeff Swaim

Have a Great Day

David Brown

February 29th, 2012

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