A Safe Box

My parents just placed me on the list to be able to access their box … I think it’s a good idea … and maybe I should get one for my family.

As general rule of thumb on what items you should put in the safe deposit box is: If you can’t replace it or if it’s really expensive to replace, then it should go in the box. However, here’s a more detailed list of items to include.

Copy of your last will and testament
Deeds, titles and insurance papers for your house, car and other personal property
Birth and adoption certificates
Marriage and death certificates
Custody agreement and divorce decrees
Military service records
Copy of your health information (vaccinations, hospitalizations)
Copy of power-of-attorney forms (if applicable)
Social Security cards
Contracts and other legal papers
A videotape inventory of your household items
Valuable heirlooms

Good thoughts

Have a Great Day


March 1st, 2012

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