12 Great Leadership Questions

Great post by Ron Edmondson – ronedmondson.com

One of the best things a leader can do is ask the right questions. I love to say, “A leader can only see what a leader can see”. The leader can often be the last to know where there is a problem or what others are thinking, so asking questions is critical to good leadership. Great leaders ask great questions.

Here are 12 great leadership questions:

What can we learn from this?

Do you understand what I’m asking you to do?

How can I help you?

What’s next?

Where should we be placing our best energy?

What am I missing or forgetting?

How can we do it better next time?

What do you think?

What changes could we implement to make your work life better?

What would you do differently if you had my position?

Are you enjoying your work?

How can I improve my communication with you?

Great questions to think about … so let’s do!

Have a Great Day

David Brown

March 2nd, 2012

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