Confessions from a Non-Recovering Coffee Addict

#76: I like my coffee so strong and dark that even superman can’t see through it.
#77: “Fat Tuesday” is including Half N’ Half with my Octashot. I know I’ll have to ask forgiveness for living life on the edge during Mardi Gras.”
#78: “Someone told me that strong coffee can make a person paranoid. Then they asked me, “How are you doing today?” I said, “fine…why, what have you heard?”
#79: It’s bad enough that I’m paranoid because I drink strong coffee, but to get old and lose my memory really stinks…I can’t figure out who drank my cup of coffee.
#80: “I love really strong coffee, I drink it to relax…then again, if it’s too strong it becomes a relaxative.”

© Jeff Swaim

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March 30th, 2012

  • IF you really like your coffee
    david you should try some fresh roasted beans. Iv’e been doing this for a while now and the difference is great. Never to go back to store bought coffee. If you want I could let you try some. I look forward to it every morning.