Top 12 ways to Improve Communication Skills!

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1. Focus on clarity and understanding. It’s imperative to give full attention to the person you are communicating with so that you can make sure you understand each other clearly.

2. When you are communicating use forward thinking to ensure you are giving complete details to assure clarity.

3. Take time to prioritize parts of your message.

4. Make others feel like they’ve been heard and listened to.

5. Try to always listen without thinking of a reply while you’re listening.

We also have to consider that today many generations are working together and different generations communicate differently. To bridge the generation gap:

6. Make sure to notice and appreciate the differences; all parties bring strengths and weaknesses.

7. Acknowledge your interdependency and make clear communication a priority.

8. Discover what you have in common, this can help to find the best ways to connect.

9. Accept and appreciate the other person’s perspective.

10. Take responsibility for making your relationships better.

Listening skills play a large role in effective communication and can have a major influence on how well you do on the job. Listening can also affect the quality of your relationships. Active listening is the skill set Gary Wilbers teaches his business consulting clients to provide quality integrated business solutions. A lot of misunderstandings occur because of a lack of truly understanding what is heard.

11. Active Listening:

No distractions.
Watch the body language of the other person.
Clarify the message, by asking questions to make certain you understand.
Don’t evaluate the message while you are listening, don’t plan your response while you are listening. You will likely miss their point.
Be respectful of your response. In responding you want to make sure to acknowledge the other person’s message and create more connection and clarity with your response.

12. A. I. D. A.: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is an acronym to help you remember what you need to truly identify for effective communication . This especially applies to communication in sales.

Where does the person you are communicating with have their attention focused on?
What is their true interest?
What’s the desire of the communication outcome?
What’s the action that you and they are looking for?

December 12th, 2016

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